this is a God thing

So without even trying, meaning I was literally sitting at my desk and the phone rang.  I got a call from a wine distributer who would like to “possibly” sell my boards totaling 6,000 of each item! They want a board that is small enough to fit in a wine bottle box. 

I talked to my dad about designs and he came up with four different ones that will fit into a wine bottle box and he did it in one afternoon.    

one afternoon!  my dad is amazing! 

 These are unique and small in that it fits in a wine bottle box with a bottle of wine so you won’t have to ship it separately. 
After the buyer said he liked them he asked me to ship them over for the team to look at them.  I had two weeks before they were to decide.  Last Tuesday was two weeks and he kindly let me know that the team didn’t think they were large enough to sell well and didn’t look appealing enough…………..but have a nice day, I can send you a case of wine for your trouble.
I thought it was over. 
I thought, I should have made these with a darker wood……..darn
Then I talked to my friend from QVC.  She said, “no April its not over! you make another one in the darker wood, you put a hole in it, take off 0.15 cents from the price, you finish it off with a leather strap, and you send him jpegs immediately!”  That gave me a little pep in my step and hope.  So I did what I was told, and I cut out another wine bottle out and put a hole in it.
I really think I like these better regardless…..its probably the darker wood, I always gravitate to the darker wood. 
I followed up today and I admitted that I was a “cheery pest” to the wine distributer.  Then I got an email back that no decisions have been made yet, and he would keep me informed of “positive” developments. He didn’t dodge me or ignore me, or even delete me. 
Mr.Know-it-All says I am a pest most of the time when I keep “following up” with people but I just take that as I know what I’m doing.
Well what do you all think?  Do you like these? Would you purchase one?  They will probably retail at $9.95. if they are sold.  If…………
your custom cabinet girl 

2 thoughts on “this is a God thing

  1. You are amazing!! Everything you do is wonderful and with God on your side anything is possible. I just have a feeling there will be a positive outcome to your perseverance. You go girl. 😍

  2. Hi April,Amazing work. Seeing your work I could only think what if you have a \”Cookbook\” for your woodworking projects to showcase your amazing skills and talent. How does 16,000 woodworking projects with already “done-for-you” plans including step-by-step blueprints sound? Want more info? Go to The Frosted Market (

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