i love rejection

Someday in the near future, (ok maybe in 15 years), i am going to write a book, and the title will be “i love rejection.”  Only because I actually hate rejection right now, i am going to work on loving it.
But in the spirit of figuring this out, here is why i hate rejection: 
Rejection is messy because it makes me cry.
Rejection is climatic because you are in anticipation for usually a lengthy amount of time for the “yes” answer and then you get a “no, sorry about your bad luck.” 
Rejection gives me that yucky feeling inside that I wasn’t good enough.
Rejection makes you think the “rejecter” just doesn’t like you and I just want people to like me.
Rejection makes me angry.
Rejection makes me grumpy.
Rejection just plain sucks.
So with that I have some rejections I am feeling this week, and I need to get them off my chest.

First up, is HSN which was so kind to even consider my cutting boards for their on air show but ultimately declined.  This rejection was sad to hear on a early Monday morning, but a little easier to handle because I knew it was a long shot.  I’ve found that my products being made in the US cannot compete with the pricing of the products made elsewhere and this makes for hard negotiations. Ultimately cutting boards in general do not sell well on air and because HSN has tried to sell other brands of boards on air and they didn’t sell well………..  But how can you compare my boards with those other boards?  Its like trying to convince that boyfriend that broke up with you cause he just doesn’t like you to take you back.  It just doesn’t work.

Second up, measuring jobs.  I measured a job this week pretty far away, 60 miles to be exact and thought I had a good chance at getting the job.  Ultimately they said they were going to wait and not go ahead and of course I feel rejected.  Did I not give enough information? Was my presentation bad?  Did my cabinets cost to much?  Did i come off as unknowledgeable? What is it??  Ultimately i know the rules, you can send an email or make a phone call and ask what could I have done better to get the job, but i think I am afraid of the answer………..

So……..this is me loving rejection.

i am going to let it soak in,
revel in it,
swim in it until my fingers get all pruney,
 bask in the sunlight of rejection,
oh how i love rejection,
ultimately it will bring me knowledge of how i can do better,
how i can try to negotiate better,
how i can learn to take criticism with ease,
it will make me tough,
it will make me inspirational,
it will make me feel inspired,
i’m feeling better already……

i am going to use this new found rejection knowledge while waiting to hear back on another shenanigan that i have coming up……..
hopefully the answer will be a yes……
because i hate rejection.
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