i couldn’t make this up if i tried…….

So while I was away in Vegas at the Market Show not meeting the buyers that I was told would be there I got an email from an Adam Housley.  I was already in a great mood when I got his email as you can tell.  He went to my website and found me because I am local and asked if I wouldn’t mind having a table with my boards and wine items at his Winery for Wine & Chocolate Weekend Feb. 13th & 14th. 

(keep in mind I didn’t look up anything about the winery yet)……

I’m going to be very honest, I didn’t want to go.  I have had terrible sales at all the last 3 shows I’ve tried and I was in the middle of one when I was asked to go to Wine & Chocolate and I thought, I can’t take much more of this spending money and not making any.  So I said, “I’d think about it.” 

Well, Adam called the office when I got back. I asked him how much it would cost for me to have my booth and he said, “nothing, I just want you to be there with your great items and sell them.”  Still, I told Adam “I would think about it.”  You know, I would be spending time away from Mr. Know-it-All and the boys and there might be some sports game on TV that I would have to miss. Darn.  So on a whim when Adam emailed me again I just typed out “I’m in” and hit send.  This was a week before the event and I still wasn’t thinking about it much, but by the Wednesday before I started looking up the winery online. 

Its called Housley’s Century Oak Winery and is literally a mile away from my house.  I was trying to find out a little about Adam and how he was connected to the winery.  I couldn’t find anything about him except an “Adam Housley” that was a senior correspondent for Fox News kept coming up.  Well I thought, that’s not who I was talking to, so I just kept looking and I could not find anything else. 

By Friday night I had talked to Adam on the phone that day to verify when I needed to be at the winery and what I was bringing and so forth, and I decided to get out the big guns, my computer and started investigating the winery again………and I was so wrong!! 
I had been talking to “The Adam Housley” the senior correspondent at FOX NEWS!! 
I told you, I couldn’t make this stuff up!

So of course I am in bed researching on my computer and I screamed at Mr. Know-it-All!! 
Mr. Know-it-All just played it cool and told me to calm down, and act natural the next day…..well I totally didn’t.  Adam’s a celebrity!!  HELLO!!!!!!!!

So to tell you a few things about Housley’s Century Oak Winery:
A) They have amazing wine, its really good!
B) They are located 22211 N. Lower Sacramento Road Acampo, Ca 95220 their website is www.centuryoakwinery.com
C) They are all a hard working family and the most down to earth nicest people you will meet.
D) And they thought my products were great!

Also, to top things off I met Adam’s brother Arik who owns his own grocery store called Ranch Markets in Napa Valley.  He wants to try to carry my cutting boards in his store and feels they would sell very well. 

All I can say is God was trying to give me a gift of being able to present my product locally, in a winery, down the street from my house, get me some new business connections, and I kept hesitating and thinking about it………..
I am so glad I said “Yes!” 

So just in case you think I am making this up, here is the proof.  I have a picture with Arik Housley, me, and Adam Housley in the winery just after the Wine & Chocolate ended on Sunday.

Mr. Know-it-All took the photo, and I didn’t get to fix my makeup or hair, whatever….
I’m looking forward to sharing what happens next,
your custom cabinet girl


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  1. Hi April! I looked for an e-mail address for you but couldn't find one. I am a newbie writer and have great ideas but just not making the connections I want yet. I have remembered your story from Oprah (I think it was Oprah) from years ago and have searched the internet until I found it today. Your determination and commitment is so inspiring. Just wanted you to know!!

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