Epilog laser engraver you need to be mine!!!!

It seems that the door opened for us to build these wonderful cutting boards and wine bottle boxes and utensil totes for “West Elm!”   The wonderful sales rep for the Epilog laser engraver we are trying to purchase allowed me to come to his office in San Jose and make the engraving samples for West Elm.  I was more excited about being able to “dress up” and wear office clothes from the usual “shop clothes” I have been sporting.
These are a couple of photos of the laser at work……..
I am still trying to get the funding for the “Epilog” laser engraver that I need for these projects but I am still in the process.  I really need prayer for God’s Will in this!  I really think He will provide and I am certainly taking a leap of faith on my part, and I can feel my heart beating quickly right now just writing about it. 

I was debating on whether or not to write about how I really feel this week…………… or to write about how I really really feel this week.  I am discouraged yet trying to overcome the obstacles that are in my way.  I have come to the realization that I need to pray a lot more,  and i have really realized the Grace from Jesus is so much more than I could ever imagine or dream of and I need it desperately every minute of every day.  I need more prayer for what lies ahead. 

Mr. Know-it-All or as I sometimes call him Mr. Negative thinks i need to prepare for the “no” answer!  Ha!! I laugh in the face of the “no” answer, don’t tell me I can’t do it because i will try to prove you wrong. 
Although, if it is God’s will that my answer is “no” who am I to question that.  But if His answer is yes…………….a girl can dream, wish, hope, and keep praying……….
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