i might be a little too transparent but…………….

I have found that being transparent in business runs a fine line of telling too much because you are afraid of those that might label you “unprofessional”.  I have found that I like to hear that others make mistakes too in their business.  I find them “relatable.” 
And is it not a breath of fresh air when someone understands what you are going through?  Sometimes I google a problem I’m having just to see if I can find someone else who I can relate to. 
Well, on to the transparency thing, here goes.  My dad and I have been looking at a piece of equipment to purchase (well lets get real and transparent), lease or pay payments on……..  We have been privileged to be asked to build some amazing cutting boards and accessories (6,000 of them…….. holy cow) but they need to also be ENGRAVED!! You read that right, ENGRAVED!!!  And I am just the GIRL to do it!  But I need the machine.  And here is a picture of it!!
Its the Epilog Laser Legend and it needs to be in my shop ASAP!!
We have been praying for a miracle.  God has brought us the work and the need for the machine and now I believe he will bring us the money to purchase it.  I don’t know how, but I am sure excited to find out!! Aren’t you??? 
I will keep you posted,
your custom cabinet girl

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