update on Homegoods…….

I started writing this post and I was going to label it “D-Day this Friday” because as of Friday the first stats on the sales of our cutting boards should be coming in from HomeGoods.  Then I checked my email and I got an update from the buyer!!!  Early!!  The sales on our boards are going very well and they want more!!!! I cannot be more excited and thankful!
Just so you and i are on the same page, these are the boards we shipped out to the HomeGoods stores,
the french bread board,
the circle or round shaped board,
the square shaped board,
and of course the heart shaped board……
 What have I been learning for the last 7 years, to give God all my faith and trust in everything.  So I give God the reigns, then I take it back, then I give it back, then I take it back again, and give it back……exhausting right?  And then I question what His will is………all the while he is preparing certain things to fall into place in His Story that I cannot see and all I have to do is Trust.  I am going to be a learner for LIFE in this area.  
Thought you might like to see “Little Clone Mr. Know-it-All” working in the shop yesterday with my dad.  He is so cute.
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