"Handmade in Lodi, Ca" or "Handmade in USA???"

Discussion time.  I need some input.  We have to change the stamp on our boards to say “Weber Company” and underneath we are talking about putting “Made in USA” or “Made in Lodi, Ca”  I am thinking I like “Made in USA” the best.  What do you all think? 

 I would love to pretend that choosing the stamp for the boards is my only concern right now but its not.  I really need more time and more energy.  More time will happen only in my dreams……  I think I have come down with a cold, flu or something which made my day hard to get through, but I am thankful to be able to write this right now…..

Its been quite a ride the last few weeks with TJX but we finally made a deal!!!  I am happy to say we will be selling our boards to TJX Canada and Homegoods throughout the USA!!!!  I am thrilled, scared, overwhelmed, motivated, unmotivated, tired, hyped, and ready to go to bed now……

will update you soon,
your custom cabinet girl


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