so…..i did it again

I know, you are dying to know what I did again right?   Mr. Know-it-All is actually secretly hoping I am about to confess I wasn’t looking at my surroundings and I tripped on something again, and then he can shake his head….nope…. not even close Mr. Know-it-All. 

Well, I applied for the show “Shark Tank” last year and didn’t mention it because I apply for a lot of things.  Then the “Shark Tank” producer called me up and wanted more information, and then I really wasn’t supposed to say anything because I might be on the show.  But it was not to be, I wasn’t picked for this last season.  And don’t you know every time I watch an episode and see a company on there and they have a silly invention I think, “why did the producers pick that? Why???” 

So…..I did it again, and I am going to talk about it.  I applied.  This time I am not as nervous about it.  I have my “Brave” bracelet that I got from a great friend, I am not going to think about it, I am not going to obsess about it, and I am just going to wait.  And if divine intervention is to be, and I am supposed to be on that show, then it will be. 
I decided to write about our Wine Bottle Cutting Board being the best seller!  I even did a name drop of “you know who” (with the photo) because I didn’t do it last time, so what the heck?  And I gave them a new picture of our board that you see on the right. 
All in all its been a great day trying to sell cutting boards and get on shows like “Shark Tank.”
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  1. I love that you're not afraid to reach for the stars. There are no limits for you. And you SHOULD mention when you apply for things – then you can have the power of a lot of prayer behind you!

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