the follow up game

How much time do you wait before you follow up with a phone call or an email you sent?  Personally I have been waiting a week or so before I try to re-establish a connection, but is that too much time?  Too little time?  Does the person not want to talk to me if its been over a week and I have not heard back?  I don’t like to be pushy, its just not me.  If you want a cutting board or a cabinet, great! If you don’t that’s fine too, see ya later! 
I know I am being a little weird but I just can’t wait to find out from the “Home Goods” buyer!  I mean its 2500 stores for goodness sake!!!!  If I get to make even one board for each store, well…… can do the math.  This is nuts! 
Its like when you go out on a first date and you can’t wait to find out if they liked you and if they want to see you again.  But this is the dating of the mega store.  The phone call follow up with the answer that will make you cry for happiness or break your heart.  Which one will it be? 
Only time will tell…..and the waiting really sucks…..
your custom cabinet girl

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