can you believe this?

When Mr. Know-it-All finds out I know he is just going to look at me and shake his head.  I hate it when he shakes his head at me.  FYI: don’t shake your head at me.  But really this is so mind blowing to me that I don’t know how, well it HAS TO BE A MIRACLE…….
I drove around town with my keys on the bumper like this for two days!  I drove on the freeway! I went all the way, (well I know its not that far), but ALL THE WAY to Stockton like this!  And do you know how I found out where my “missing keys” were? My dad used the car to take Nathan to school for me in the morning and he saw them in passing…..
I know crazy, idiotic, I have no idea how I have even lived this long…..

your custom cabinet girl (psst: who doesn’t always talk about cabinets)

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