distressed vanity do-over

Here are the final pictures of the vanity I finished distressed.  My dad had to cut down the cabinet by length in order to fit it into a 1 3/4″ inset in the wall on both sides.  This is where I screwed up totally missing that measurement when I first went out.  I still cringe when i think about it.
You can see the left side of the cabinet tucks right into the wall
inset.  YES! My dad is my HERO on this job he saved my booty on this one! 
Below is the final product installed.  I was asked to add green to the finish color making the cabinet look like it came right out of the garden with moss on it.  It’s hard to tell from the picture because the green was very subtle.  I really, really enjoyed finishing this cabinet!  It turned out very unique. 
until my next mistake,
your custom cabinet girl

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