Who do you think does Weber’s Cabinets packaging?

Its funny when you do work for a huge company and they have all the resources in the world and your resource is yourself, your dad, and Mr. Know-it-All who calls himself your resource.  I tried to do an informational video today about how we package our chef boards but it just ended up being long winded with me out of breath at the end from being out of shape I guess?    Who knows anything is possible at this point…..
your custom cabinet girl 

8 thoughts on “Who do you think does Weber’s Cabinets packaging?

  1. LOL…. That cardboard kicked your cute little booty! That is a good work out in itself. How about if your husband packages them while watching the Cowboy games? All you need down at the shop is a big screen TV. Be careful cardboard cuts can be nasty. I speak from experience. Hang in there you are doing a great job!

  2. April, you had me laughing out loud watching this process. I think you need a high school student who will work for minimum wage, or a college student looking for an internship in a small business. come on. You should be getting a pedicure during the time it takes you to do all that.

  3. April, What about switching to a different type of box? Pre-glued on the long side with over lapping ends that you fold and tape. Just slide board in with the corners on, fold and tape. It might cost a little more, but time is money.

  4. When my hands are over worked and dry…and your are going to be very soon…… mix Neosporin in with your lotion….very good results. I agree about an extra set of hands, it would go so much faster. I'll put my thinking cap on.

  5. I am also my own \”packaging director\” and it is so much work. I wonder about these same things all the time. I feel your pain!

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