does it matter when you don’t realize you made a mistake until 6 months later?

Oh boy, today I am trying to work out all the kinks in the books for 2010 and what do I find but a mess.  I entered in checks to the wrong vendor, forgot to enter in bills I never knew existed, and many more things I don’t want to mention because “you know who” (my dad is reading this and I don’t want him to think I am “that bad” at my job).  I think I have had my mind on so many things at once that I am just too distracted, kids, cutting boards, Mr. Know-it-all, cleaning, cabinets, finishing, scheduling, reading, and other stuff I can’t remember.  All of this is so overwhelming, and in fact today when I had the realization that mistakes were made over 6 MONTHS AGO really put me over the top. 

Thanks for all the comments on my new block with the legs.  It is so interesting that a cutting board can bring about so many opinions.  A family friend stopped by and took one look at the board and said, “that is ugly, are you selling that?” Mr. Know-it-all LOVES it and wants one.  Who knew?  Well all the buyers at Williams-Sonoma had different opinions too and we decided to nix the handles, and make the legs ourselves.  Here it is………
Ultimately the people will decide what they like and what will sell.  People know what they want right now, not 6 months later. 
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2 thoughts on “does it matter when you don’t realize you made a mistake until 6 months later?

  1. I too decided to save our co. $ my purchasing quickbooks in Sept. and start doing all these lovely things ourselves. WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE!!! Hang in there my friend and all will be fine. Praying for you ~ Oh by the way, love the new board and the 'clean lines'.

  2. OOOOH la la… i loved the first version, but was kinda thinkin it might be better without the handle. I REALLY love this version… i agree with the other comment about the clean lines. although the other feet have a whole different feel that i really like too. everyone has individual taste. they are both gorgeous, but i am guessing that WS knows their customer base and what style they lean towards more often. your talent and their insight combined will prove to be very successful in the end i'm sure! 🙂 Monica

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