trying to find my spot in the cabinet world

So here I am in the office doing paperwork and I don’t mind, but after a few days I get restless and need to work out in the shop.  I have been waiting on some items I ordered to make a new decoreative cutting board and they arrived yesterday.  This is my new product I am going to submit to Williams-Sonoma.  What do you think? 

If you can believe it, it took me quite a few weeks to find the right feet to use for this type of design.  And then, I picked out these really neat handles and because they mounted from the back we couldn’t find a resourceful way to mount them, so that idea was thrown out. I am not sure about these handles but they were the best I could find for the way I needed to mount them.  I might still be shopping for handles. 
I need input, let me have it!
your custom cabinet girl

4 thoughts on “trying to find my spot in the cabinet world

  1. CCG, it's me your girl who understands your world. I think your design on the butcher block is very versatile. I'm sure your going to tweek it along the way but your onto something. Let me know if your needing any finishing done on your projects. 🙂 stay stong we will survive this crazy world we work/live in.

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