two more days……….

While I am so anxious about the end result and becoming a vendor for “Williams-Sonoma.”  I have to tell you that I am trying to act so non-shallant about the whole thing.  I know I am irritating someone in corporate because of all my questions, and urgency!  Well hopefully they see it as a hard working ethic and not a; “oh my gosh, what is wrong with this girl?”  Hopefully they think I’m great! Just kidding, all jokes aside, this is the first time I have ever dealt with something like this, and brought in a job like this, and I am just realizing this right now as I am typing.  That is a lot of “this.”  Everything is dreamland for me right now.  I hope to have a picture of myself with the vendor paperwork ready to fill out within 24 hours.  I am expecting them any time now, and I am supposed to fill them out and send them back right away in order to be signed up as an official “Williams-Sonoma” vendor!  Can’t wait!!!! AHHHHHHH!

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