heart shaped butcher block

This is another shape we built as a sample and I submitted it to Williams Sonoma, but it’s too “cutesy.”  That’s alright because I have another idea up my sleeve that is going to make those big executives really impressed!  
On another note, I decided to try my luck with “Neiman Marcus” and they said they would look at my wine bottle on the website and if they like it get back in touch with me.  I am wondering when I should follow up with this girl.  Is Monday too soon?
your custom cabinet girl

5 thoughts on “heart shaped butcher block

  1. Butcher blocks shaped like animals might work. I think I have seen one shaped like a pig. Maybe you could try a fish shaped one and pitch it to Cabela's or Bass Pro? Good luck!

  2. Are you allowed to sell the wine bottle cutting board through other people??? The deal with Williams-Sonoma is not exclusive? That is cool! I thought they were going to not allow any other places to carry it. Tell us some of those \”business\” details. It is so interesting to me. I bet other people might find it fascinating too how all this works. I am SO proud of you April!!!!!! love, monica

  3. Just saw you on Nate. Looked up your product. I heard some time ago that you just use scrap wood so, why so expensive? Good luck with it.

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