who wants to win a prize?

Because I am such a wonderful person, I am giving away one of our beautiful chopping blocks shaped like a wine bottle.  Along with a set of three cutting knives from CSN STORES/Paula Deen Knife Set.
I will be taking all of your comments from this post which will automatically enter you for a chance to win these gifts, for FREE!

Be honest, it will not hurt your chances to win.  Tell me what you think of my posts, what I can do better, or if you just want to tell me I am perfect in every way.  I won’t discriminate, just comment and let me know your feelings.  (Although if you are my husband and you are reading this right now, your opinion doesn’t count, and you cannot win)!  Just kidding (but not about the winning part), thank goodness he loves me anyway.

Anyone that posts a comment  for this post will be entered in at www.random.org  by me and I will pick a winner at random!  It is that simple.  Make sure you leave me your email address so that if you do win, I can contact you for the best address to ship the products.

This post will be valid from today till March 12, 2010 at midnight where the comments will not be counted thereafter.  Leave me more than one comment, you will get more than one chance to win!  I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to congratulating the winner!

your custom cabinet girl

P.S. So for your information, look at the link to see the exact knives that you will be winning and look at the pictures to the left to see the chopping block you will be winning also. If you also want to check out the beautiful products from www.csnstores.com and look up their new store at Home Bars, you will be pleasantly surprised.

10 thoughts on “who wants to win a prize?

  1. April I love these and I love reading your blogs, you are always so entertaining and your humor is great as always. Are you selling your cutting boards to the public, I'm thinking of getting one for my mom?Lori Jeremiclojeremic@gmail.com

  2. i wouldn't mind winning a chopping block. i'm always looking for a nice and clean block..but WHY ARE THEY SOOO EXPENSIVE?!??! how are you doing? hope everything is going well. too bad you don't live closer to davis/sac…cuz i had quite a few friends look to remodel their kitchen cabs in the last couple of years.

  3. April- Who doesn't LOVE a contest????? Fits right in with today….I love reading about your ventures and love your wit!Here's to you!Shannon

  4. Ok, so here is another suggestion in the spirit of competition for one of your fabulous wine blocks. Maybe you can create a few posts and have links to them in the side bar. Things I think would enhance you blog for new comers are links to posts about 1. Why did you get into the business 2. Your vision for your role in the business long term 3. Fun Facts about your business or product designs. Also I would like to hear more about your experiences as a women in the business, do customers treat you differently, vendors, staff etc…Keep blogging, I love following your posts!I am sure there are other ideas, but these are few that come to mind

  5. Ok, so I tried to edit a comment and deleted it and now have to repost. I don't this this post is as well organized, but here goes. So I would like to see a status bar on the side with short term goals. For example the Williams Sonoma follow up time line. Days worked in the shop tracker and other projects/goals you have going.

  6. Nice piece, if only Greg was so handy! I would take any chance to rip on him, but the thought of getting something free makes it even more enjoyable! I hope you guys take my offer of coming down to Palm Springs / Palm Desert seriously because we would love to have you visit!tbagato@gmail.com

  7. I would love to have such a beautiful piece to display and chop cheese on. =) And I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you are up to at work also. Keep up the great blogging. ~Megan

  8. Awesome chopping block! I hope I win it! If you only knew how often I dream of gutting my kitchen and calling you guys for some REAL cabinets.Mine are 30 years old and CRAPPY. We can't even put baby safety latches on them, cuz the drawers don't line up!!! So sad.Keep up the good work on your blog!

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