am i way out of my league?

Thankful to my wonderful salesman Steve, ( 😉 you know who you are and you need to be a follower), he suggested I try to sell my wine bottle chopping blocks to none other than “Williams Sonoma.”  I said, “isn’t that the company that owns “Pottery Barn?”  And he said, “so what?”  
All I can think is, “aren’t they way out of my league?”  So because of what I am learning in my business coaching I have decided to take a chance.  I called up their 800 number and got the information on how to submit a product and did it.  Little did I know that when I called up a week later the lady on the phone laughed and said, “when did you submit this information?  A week ago? You have to call back in 2 MONTHS!”  Boy did I feel stupid, and informed.  So I put it on my calendar to call back two months from now and we’ll see what happens.  
In the meantime I was going to wait until “Williams Sonoma” called me back and said “ITS A GO, WE WANT 500 OF YOUR WINE BOTTLES”, but now I have realized there are more fish in the sea to persuade.  And maybe they will take a shorter amount of time to persuade.  
I do need my readers help though, and this is it.  If you happen to know of a company that might be interested in purchasing our chopping blocks, let me know.  And let me know what you think.  
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One thought on “am i way out of my league?

  1. I agree with Steve–pitch it to Williams' Sonoma!! And I'm glad to read you did. =) ~Megan

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