Installation Last Saturday

It’s been a crazy beginning of the week, hump day is tomorrow, and before you know it Friday will be here!  I had a wonderful time with my dad installing an entertainment center slash desk area slash storage unit.  It turned out so beautiful.  This is before……..

I had looked at the plans and assumed that the cabinets were going into an office or spare bedroom.  That is why you don’t assume, it makes an a** out of you and me!  Ha just kidding, anyway the cabinets were going into a master suite, and what a great idea.  A big space for the TV and room to put your files and computer.  Bookshelves for display and lots of drawers for clothing and things.  I was really happy with how this turned out and I really liked being there for the end result.  I have never really been at a job after its been installed and I got the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that our work was done well.

  I appreciate all of the clients that invite me into their home and let me be a part of something added to their lives.  I hope in turn they can enjoy their cabinets for years and years to come.  All of the opportunity given to me in my life is a blessing. 

Tomorrow I will be documenting the cabinets I had delivered today from Merillat Corp a prefab cabinet company we do work for.  Its an interesting job and a lot of patience to check each cabinet and make sure everything is in the van for delivery by Thursday.  See you then!
custom cabinet girl 

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