I figure everyone starts small before they get big right?

I am calling around today trying to find out if certain online companies would want to sell my butcher blocks. It seems far fetched really, I am going against Boo’s Blocks the biggest company of butcher blocks in the United States, probably the world. But I figure, you started small before you got big right?

It is certainly uncertain times right now, and my emotions are on edge and are high. Lucky for my husband! Just kidding…..Anyway, I am trying my best to find the craft shows and street fairs that I can get myself in so that I can get our name out there. Anything in order to build more awareness is the key to people knowing who you are. I hope in 5 years I will look back on these years as a very hard time to go through but something that has made me even stronger. Stronger in my relationship with Jesus, stronger in my ability to face criticism, and a sense of laughter over the insane things that are occurring economically to our company!  I know God has a lot in store for us, and its all in his time so I will just keep moving along humbly.

By the way, I am going on a job tomorrow to install beautiful custom cabinetry in a home office.  The office cabinets include two desks, a place for a TV, and bookshelves.  I am so excited!  And when I keep mentioning how excited I am about installing with my dad, he just gives me a look like I am getting on his nerves!  Hilarious.
Stay in touch all of the seven people that follow me, (thank you so much) and I will post on Saturday’s Install with pictures. 
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