why should you go with custom cabinets?

For example, if you’re like me and you pick out bedding you really like only to find out its a little more expensive than you wanted to spend, you go for the cheaper model. I did this with one of my boys nursery bedding. I really wanted the airplane bedding from Pottery Barn and I thought it was too much for me to spend. So…..I went on Ebay and found bedding by some other company I don’t know that had airplanes on it. In the pictures I thought it was comparable, and it was the price I was looking for. Well…..that was the stupidest decision I could have ever made because when that bedding arrived it looked nothing like the airplane bedding from Pottery Barn and it was super bright and reminded me of a clown. I tried to pretend I liked it but that didn’t work. So what did I do? I went straight to Pottery Barn and bought the bedding I wanted in the first place. I couldn’t return the ugly bedding so I just wasted money. The other thing is the pottery barn bedding was made better and lasted for the three years I needed it. So its value was worth the little extra I paid.

Lesson Learned. Why am I talking to you about Pottery Barn when my title today is about why you should buy custom cabinets? Well……if you learned anything from my story above learn this; you can’t get the quality, craftsmanship, and warranty with cheap prefabricated cabinets like you can with custom cabinets. You get what you pay for. So………

Reason #1

You can Save Money. Why? because when you go with an experienced cabinet builder firstly they know their stuff, they don’t try to get you to settle for what you don’t want, and they can get you the best price for what you do want and make sure its great quality that lasts.

Reason #2

Time. Time is an interesting reason but I will tell you why. When you take a little extra time to investigate the company and cabinet maker that you are considering; when the part comes to actually building your cabinets you will save time. The custom cabinet maker will be able to build the type of cabinets you want instead of asking a prefabricated operation to do it, most of the time they cannot with their limited options. Saving time in this case means being able to ask for what you want and getting it easily.

Reason #3

Specific Results. For example if you want to have your cabinets look just like a photo from Pinterest its highly likely your custom cabinet maker can do it. Don’t waste time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, do it right the first time. Hire someone who knows how to build cabinets well and has a great eye for design.

Now you can go and find that custom cabinet maker. Her name is April Morse, she is married to Mr. Know-it-All, and she will make your dream cabinets come to life!

aka: your custom cabinet girl

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