amazon vs. etsy

Do you ever feel stuck?  Like you have been trying for the same result in many different ways yet you remain to get the exact same result no matter what you do?  Does it make you feel like reinventing yourself will make you have a different result only to get the same result……..
Its like going in circles with no end.
Its not fun….so I must be learning……….
For the last 7 years I have been trying to figure out this internet sales thing.  Trying to get people to see my website and buy my products online.  It makes me feel like a failure.  Its really hard for me.  If I could just get someone to tell me I will fail at it, then I will do my best to prove them wrong.  It works every time.  So please, someone give me some criticism.
All the while, instead of searching how to do SEO work I invent ideas like, selling my product on QVC in order to gain recognition so people will go to my site and then….. well you know…
Don’t get me wrong, I have not given up, I am just a little frustrated.  I think I am allowed to feel frustrated…………..
my Grandma Weber told me how frustrated she was all the time, while I was jumping on the couch with a bag full of popcorn, laughing and screaming in her house.  She was a very patient lady. 
So back to my internet sales, I have been told for the last few years (by Mr. Know-it-All), to sell my boards on Amazon.  Everyone will buy them on Amazon he said……. You will have sales beyond belief he said……I will be able to quit my job and eat pizza all day he said………
Well I put them on Amazon and well….. 
Amazon allows you to pay to put your product on the front page….  But…and its a big one… if you have not sold anything you can’t put your product on the first page, not even the second page.  You have to sell an unidentified number of your products and get a huge amount of reviews on Amazon BEFORE you can PAY to put your products on one of the first pages. 
How in the H.E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! am I going to sell anything if no one can see it???
I paid Amazon 39.95 each month for three months while no one looked at my stuff and/or bought it and still was not allowed to advertise because I basically have no credibility (according to their policy). 
I have since cancelled my seller account and taken my boards off Amazon indefinitely.
Now to try ETSY.  I have been registered on ETSY since 2011 but have never really done anything.  I have just started to add my products onto my page and I am going to be promoting them on Etsy.  I think this will give us better exposure so people will be able to go to my website as well.  I have a lot of reading to do for the advertising part but I don’t mind.  I love to read, not necessarily advertising stuff…….but I will try.  
Etsy seems to be a positive place to sell my products and its really user friendly.  If you want to visit our Etsy shop go to Etsy homepage and type in WeberCompany.  We are on there. 

So for the amazon vs. etsy lets see who wins!
Hopefully its me! 🙂
your custom cabinet girl

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