melissa is the cream to my coffee…….


 Its actually a miracle that i got to help Melissa today with putting the handles on the utensil boxes.  I feel like i am always being pulled in so many directions, phone, email, deliveries, a guy walks into the shop……i really envy those who can concentrate on one task at a time and not become distracted easily.  My job entails a lot of different things which makes it exciting and fresh, but I always feel like i have only got a little bit done on each assignment all the time. 
We were able to soak them all in mineral oil last Friday which was fun because it brings out the beautiful colors in the maple hardwood.  Then we let them dry over the weekend.  And that brings us to today where we were able to put the handles on. 

Its so much fun working with Melissa!  She is the ying to my yang, the cream to my coffee, the butter to my toast, i cannot stay focused without her!  We will be putting a lot of these together in the next couple of weeks and i will keep you posted. 

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2 thoughts on “melissa is the cream to my coffee…….

  1. LOVE this posting, April! You & Melissa ARE a great team – I am simply THRILLED that the LORD brought you 2 together for just such a time as this….. xxooxx

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