change happens rapidly

I love change.

I get tired of the couch being in the same spot and i change it. 

I move the piano to another room all by myself.

I try to do projects or chores in a different order because maybe, just maybe it will be fun and different this time around……….

The economic out look is changing.  I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. 

I was able to train someone to work in the finish shop so that it could free me up to do other things in the shop and office. 

But with this change i feel like i am not doing enough or being productive because my work doesn’t show in a completed cabinet or a completed cutting board.  I am typing on the computer a lot, printing out paperwork, emailing, and thinking…….lots of thinking, and i have found i have a very short attention span.  I have to concentrate on working on one thing at a time which is hard for me without thinking about the other things i also need to get done…….and then the phone rings……
which i am so thankful for….. 

With these new challenges comes an acceptance of change that i know i can find where i need to be and what i need to be doing.

 I love a good challenge though……….

I am sitting in the office looking at these West Elm boxes and  thinking about how i am going to get another order of 720 done…..   


YES!! you read that right!!!!! 720 BOXES                                        How am i going to get it done?????

We have till January 31st to get these done! 
I don’t know how, but with God’s help its going to be amazing!!!  Maybe i’ll make some video of all the craziness….
now i need to get back to work…..
your custom cabinet girl



One thought on “change happens rapidly

  1. WOW!! SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY BOXES BY JANUARY 31ST!!! You can do it with God's help! YOU GO, GIRL!! I am so proud of you, April. I love you, but God loves you more because of all you do \”as unto the Lord.\”

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