new year, new name

Well I am very excited to announce that Weber’s Cabinets has been in business for 40 years now and because we don’t build just “cabinets” anymore we have decided to change our name to help encompass all of our attributes.  
We are now, “WEBER COMPANY.”  It has been a long time coming deciding when and how to change the name.  I wanted to make sure that my dad and grandpa’s legacy from starting this company still encompassed the Weber name. 
My dad and I are partners now, and I am so excited about that! The intention for this year is “The Year of the Cutting Board.”  We are making all efforts to making this company thrive on building our custom cutting boards for the masses!
And with change there is also a little apprehension from me, a person who actually loves change because it feels like a new beginning.  I want people to love us still for our integrity, hard work, and dedication to building the highest quality custom wood products you would ever come across. 
 And with that I will be on a plane Friday morning heading off to New York City to sell my boards to as many retailers as I can…..I am still nervous but very excited.  Its making me think of my favorite movie, “Big Business” all over again and hoping I can pull it off.
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