there is a fine line……..

I have figured out that just because I am a vendor for a big company doesn’t mean I get to make thousands and thousands of cutting boards.  I am trying my hardest to get our boards in the catalog (in any stinking catalog for that matter), and I am just not able to break through yet.  This is a new year and there are always new opportunies but sometimes I just feel like I am hitting a brick wall over and over and over again.  How many more times am I going to hit that brick wall?  One more time until I break through it?…………don’t loose hope on me yet!  I keep being the best, (and friendliest) pest I can be. But there is a fine line of what I can ask for and what I can get.  Does this make any sense?
I know, it’s really lame that I just figured this out, but shoot me I am very gullible.  By the way, I won “Most Gullible” at the Academy Awards my Senior year in high school so that should tell you how lame I am.  

I am pouting right now just like Jakob did on the left in this picture.  I just need about 8 more hours of pouting time, and then its back to being a big girl.

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