got my Nate Berkus segment on you tube!

So I don’t think I have gone this long with out blogging ever.  I feel like I have been extremely lazy about blogging.  Or at least putting it on the bottom of the list which means I don’t get to it. 
If you have not seen the segment from the Nate Berkus show my dad and I were on last year here it is below!
I can’t believe its been a year already, and that it took me that long to figure out how to get it on youtube.  You know you can ask and ask for people to send you something, but ultimately you have to do it yourself.  So I took my flip cam and stood still in front of the TV and recorded the recording.  I had to do something!
I have a lot to catch up with you all and what is going on at the shop, will fill you in on the details as soon as I can.
Love that Nate Berkus!!!
your custom cabinet girl

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