some reject me and some accept me……….

I am so thrilled that I finally got a hold of a buyer at “Crate & Barrel” and that they took the time to reject me.  As my good friend Bob says, at least they took the “TIME” to look at your product and then reject it.”  I never thought of it that way.  I am going to have to be the pest that I always am and keep contacting them until the end of time, or hopefully they take a chance on one of my products.  Who knows? 

But then an awesome email came to me this morning from Tayrn Scher who I sent a heart shaped cutting board to a couple of months ago.  She was going to use it in her segment for TV and did!  It was such a nice segment and you can see it here;

Couture Kitchens: Taryn Scher on YourCarolina

There are acceptions and rejecttions in life, and I really do like the acceptions.  Doesn’t everyone? 
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