does the squeaky wheel always get the grease?

So I’ve been working on getting our cutting boards into the Williams-Sonoma catalog.  For about 8 months now I have been a real pest and the answer is still no, but that’s ok.  My dad keeps saying to “be a pest” and Mr. Know-it-All keeps saying “are you sure you’re not bothering them?”  Two completly different opinions one is from an enterprenuer and the other from a UPS driver.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and being “absent” from the catalog makes me more “fond” of being in it! 
I just hate, hate, hate to be one of those pests that keep asking and being told no while the person who is telling you no is really thinking “its never going to happen” and I really don’t want to be “that girl.”  You know “that girl” that thinks her product is the BEST EVER, and keeps asking and asking to have it put in the store or what-ever.  But the board is already in the STORE, and ONLINE, it just needs to be in the CATALOG TOO!!!! Oh please please, with a cherry on top! 
So I have been asking this same buyer for the chance to put our product in the catalog until she got promoted recently.  So now I have a new person to be a pest to.  Lucky for her, she already told me she KNOWS about my requests to be in the catalog and she will keep me in mind for the future.  Promising?  Or, “Oh crap the pest is bothering me?”
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One thought on “does the squeaky wheel always get the grease?

  1. Squeaky Wheel DOES get the oil! It just might take some time. As long as you are professional and polite about it (no crying EVER!), I don't see why you shouldn't remind them of your requests!

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