30 days of waiting…….

Submitted my cutting board to HSN.  Yes I did and its been 30 days since, and I am hoping to hear good news!  I would love to be a vendor for them.  I am really excited to find out what my email will say, it just needs to NOT have the word “unfortunately” in it.  I don’t like that word very much lately, its a nice way to say “sorry about your bad luck” as my dad always says.

This week is going to be so exciting I just know it!  I am going to try and talk to a producer tomorrow about my show idea.  I am then going to help finish ironing edge tape on the maple melamine pieces for drawer boxes we need to put together for an island cabinet.  What a time consumer that is (ironing on edgetape is unfortunate), sorry dad.  I will just have to suck it up.  Next I am going to try and get a groupon set up for people to buy our beautiful cutting boards, and I want to feature one in particular.  I will have a poll set up for voting.  And then I need to get some quiet time and finish the paperwork I need to get done as well as the financial crap I have to do.  Did I say crap? So sorry.

I am going to try some new selling points, and thank you so much Jocelyn for the information!  I really appreciate all of the comments I get on the blog its encouraging and helpful.

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2 thoughts on “30 days of waiting…….

  1. I thought that Williams-Sonoma has an exclusive on the wine bottle one… does that mean you can't sell that board through HSN? If so, which board did you submit to them? Monica

  2. I can sell all my other boards to HSN, but yes the Wine Bottle is an exclusive to Williams-Sonoma.April

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