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I decided to sign up a couple of weeks ago on  I get one email every day letting me know the casting calls that are going on throughout the reality world.  Production companies list their casting calls and let you submit your story if you so choose.  I haven’t seen any pitches related to doing a reality show about a family business and I really haven’t been looking.  But, last night I got a phone call from a producer in Los Angeles who thought I was a good fit for this new show called, “Battle of the Sexes.”  I was literally JUMPING UP AND DOWN listening to her voicemail this morning.  I couldn’t believe it, I thought I might be going down south today to be interviewed.  After talking to the producer this morning, she found out that I lived in Lodi, and said, “where is that?”  I was thinking, “its almost 10:30A.M. am how am I going to get down to Los Angeles before 5pm today?”  She says, “oh no, I am sorry to have wasted your time, we need you here today and you are too far away.  My heart sank, such a bummer.  But you know, I have felt dissappointment before and I can definately feel it again. And the more you feel it the less time it lasts, I survived. 
I am just flattered that she thought I would be a possibility to be on that show.  Now I am going to dream some more.
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