dreams and awaiting an answer

I had the craziest dream on Friday night and I woke up all upset and breathing hard like I had been crying.  But when I touched my face I didn’t feel any tears.  Those dreams are so strange.  I was dreaming that I had gotten a phone call from a lady who had received pictures of my cutting boards that I had sent over a year ago.  I was so excited and emotional in the dream, like I couldn’t believe it was real (which it really wasn’t), but anyway she was so excited about my cutting boards and this BIG Company she worked for wanted to sell them.  I was just in complete shock and amazement and a little bummed when I woke up.  So funny, how a bad dream can make you wake up and realize you are so happy it was a dream and then a happy dream makes you wake up dissappointed. 

But I don’t expect to be dissappointed for long!  I shipped a new product to Williams Sonoma on Friday that they loved, so now I am awaiting to hear from them. They wanted a board the depth of a kitchen counter with a lip on the end.  This picture of it is what we came up with, the second time.  There are always changes.  I am hoping I get an order for a lot, I mean A LOT!  Here’s to hoping.  I will be praying in the morning.

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