dodging the bullets

Have you ever had something go wrong and then another thing go wrong and then another?  Keep going and going………  That is what today was like.  I have 300 wine bottles I am supposed to ship out on Friday and I don’t know if it will be possible.  On Saturday at work one of my guys cut his thumb in half and thankfully didn’t cut his bone or a tendon.  He did however have to get 19 stitches and he is resting for at least 10 days.  My foreman is gone for the rest of the week to be with his mom in the hospital while she gets open heart surgery.  And the sander broke today, but only for 5 hours, (thankfully).  A repair technician drove all the way up to Lodi from Fresno to show us how to push the reset button.  Only 500.00 dollars later and I have a sander back in business!  Crazy day.  I will tell you this though my guys pumped out 150 planks and were gluing machines!  They are awesome.  We are working on catching up!!!  I haven’t been home for 1 day in over a week, I feel like I live at the shop.  And now I am home writing about work, it just won’t end!!!
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