dealectible mommies

So I have another fantastic mom blogger who reviewed my product for a holiday gift guide.  Here is the link to the site called Dealectible Mommies The author is Candace who has over 1,000.00 worth of items that she will be giving away to one lucky winner for Christmas.  I want to enter cause I could win some great gifts and I could send a wine bottle chopping block to myself!  (I still don’t have one yet).  But Mr. Know-it-All thought I was serious when I said I should enter the contest and gave me the “that is so wrong speech.”  Doesn’t he know me better than that?  I am always joking around of course I’m not going to enter myself in the contest 😉 never in a million years……..
Go read Candace’s blog……go now you can click off custom cabinet girl I give you permission.  
your custom cabinet (sarcastic) girl 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and YES you can enter!!!! There's so much up for grabs and after all….you need a wine chopping block too right?;)

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