2010 Holiday Gift Guides

So I am new to the “blogosphere”  and the “blog world” and to all this web internet stuff, but I stumbled upon something very significant I think.  Drum roll please………….The incredibly popular “Blog Holiday Gift Guides!!”  I was reading in my “help out a reporter” emails and I came across a blogger who was looking for items to review for her gift guide, so I decided to submit my wine bottle information to her.  By that evening I started receiving all kinds of emails from mommy bloggers throughout the USA and Canada!  I thought my wonderful friend and website designer Rachael had submitted more of my information to her blogger friends, and to find out it was all from this “one” mommy blogger TheMomJen. Thank you Jen, you’re the best!

Now I have 20 bloggers waiting to get my product and reviewing it!  Amazing and scary at the same time, because what if they don’t like it?  I know, I know, not everyone is going to like it but I just hate rejection doesn’t everyone?  Besides that, a guy that works for the “Weightwatchers” magazine is doing a review on gifts for Christmas this year and he said he LOVES my chopping block!  Yea!  I am estatic, but now let’s hope it gets INTO the magazine, not a 100% for sure yet.  Cross your fingers………
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