500 wine bottles to go out wednesday

If you look at this cute little sleepy boy you can get an idea of how tired I am.  I am NOT complaining because working is so much fun, and I am so THANKFUL for the extra work.  I was actually enjoying today in the shop sanding the wine bottles and smoothing out their edges.  I just saw this picture of Nathan from a couple of years ago and it makes me want to hug him all the more before he gets too big.

My boys were at work with me because Mr. Know-it-All is in Dallas this weekend.  He has to go to the Cowboys game in “Cowboy Territory” in order to get the full effect.  I just think its hilarious because I don’t understand the obsession.  I really don’t.  But I guess its just like my obsession with books.  I could get a good book and lay down and read for hours and be so content while he can watch football and sit on the couch for hours and be content. 

Well its “happy sanding” for me and lots more wine bottles to make which makes me happy.  Next on my agenda I have to figure out how to get my wine bottle into the hands of Oprah.  Wouldn’t that be something?  I really want to be on her “favorite things” show and take Mr. Know-it-All along because now he thinks he is my agent!  He has all the answers!

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2 thoughts on “500 wine bottles to go out wednesday

  1. Oh Cowboys–that is a sore subject for me. I agree if Oprah could mention or just touch one of your cutting boards GOLD!! Hey you have one degree of separation right? Nate is pretty close eh?I laughed when I read the Oprah comment because I said the same thing to my GM–Husband, if only Oprah could talk about stay-at-home mommies and cute Hairbands and tutus they make—they being me : )

  2. April:I told my business coach, Harriet Cohen of Training Solutions, about your blog and how Williams Sonoma contacted you . . . she is going to write a blog this week about you to her readers about the power of social media and blogging. I will let you know when she posts about you!

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