i want to get out of bed!

I felt sick yesterday on my way to work and when I was dropping my son Nathan off at my Mom’s my stomach started to twirl and you know the rest.  Well I felt better and thought I can go to work no problem, and I was scheduled to be interviewed on this radio show from a really nice enterprneur lady in Oakland, California. 
I made it on the phone and just 1 minute before it was going to start I had to cancel the whole thing and run to the bathroom.  Only to come out of the bathroom with two potential clients waiting for me to help them.  Thank goodness for my dad, I got to go home and get sick some more by myself and be bored out of my mind.  
I am just such a busy worker bee and I really hate sitting in bed trying to regain energy.  Every time I get sick I realize just how good I had it (for I don’t know) the last year of my life of not being sick.  As we humans do, we forget and go through our routines of feeling good and not skipping a beat.  And every time I am sick I want to say, “remember this”  be grateful when you feel good because it is so much better than this. 
I just can’t say enough how things are starting to change all around me.  The shop is getting busier with work and God blesses with every obstacle, and I am still here.  I am so thankful for my family and my life and what Jesus has in store.  What a blessing to be a witness for him and get his comfort in our times of trials.  Thank you all for following.  Some exciting news to come!
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