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  1. Hi April\” Yeah for you!!!I know where Lodi is as I grew up in Fowler (betcha don't know where that is : )I am glad for you!!!And before you start making them fancier; keep one for you : )peacecarole

  2. Best of Luck! Congratulations. I would like to order several for Christmas gifts!paulabrowndavey@yahoo.com

  3. Congrats!I am a custom cabinet girl too! It is really exciting that you have found a product that will take you thru this hard time in our industry.My husband (Dan) and I have a small family shop (Taylor Cabinet Mfg.) in Lenoir,NC and we have felt the economic down fall. I have often wondered what we could do to suppliment our business also.I wish you all the best in your new adventure!!Donna

  4. What an awesome thing to happen to your family-owned company. William-Sonoma has made a fine choice in its partnership with Custom Cabinet Girl. Due to your fine craftsmanship, perseverance and business-savvy you're in an even Bigger League now. Congratulations!

  5. Hi! I saw the article about you on AOL. Congratulations! I have a blog too. It is called CollegeKidsMom@blogspot.com. I have plans to add pictures to my blog and hope to start blogging more often when my children return to school next week. The cutting board looks awesome. I am looking forward to seeing it a my local William-Sonoma store. Best Wishes!

  6. Kudos to you all the way from New Brunswick Canada!! I read your story on the AOL FRONT PAGE YAY! Love the design you should definitely expand into other kinds of designs!The neck of the wine bottle makes it easy to use as a handle and pick up from the counter to the stove. Since cooking is such an art form now, you should think about doing a painter's palette too! Just my humble little suggestion<3

  7. What Joy you must feel!! Congratulations, for I feel all need some good news these days. This would make a great gift for a couple getting married as well.

  8. What a great story! I'm trying to reinvent my business as well, and it's nice to read a good news story in these trying economic times. Congratulations and I wish you much success.

  9. Congrats!!! I just found your article on your cutting boards and they are great!! Keep following your dreams and don't let anyone hold you back!!

  10. Saw the article and checked out your blog. Love the blocks and I hope you sell a ton of them! Praise God for opening a window for you and your family.

  11. Hi April. I'm here from the AOL link and wanted to say that I love your wine blocks. And I am planning to treat myself to one as soon as they get to Atlanta. I'm so glad this worked out for you. We all need inspiration! Good luck and congratulations.

  12. Hi April,Wow!!how exciting for you. God is so good, and wonderful. It is so awesome how it all came together. Many Blessings to you and your family,Laura

  13. I just discovered your site through AOL. I've been working in cabinets since 2006 and I can't get enough. Unfortunately because of the economy the shop I worked for has closed and sent me to another division. Congrats to you for being able to do what you love. I know the feeling of wanting to learn everything about cabinet making and the satisfaction that comes from it.

  14. Congrats April!! I hope to get one to remind me that \”Anything is possible!\” Good Luck in your new adventure!! mary

  15. We have a family cabinet shop, too! It was great to read your story;It just goes to show what determination (and a little luck) will do for you. I bet all the girls in the Custom Cabinet business are wishing you and your family the best!!! Cabinet Shop in Ga.

  16. WOW!! CONGRATZ!! Thats quite the story…I have a similar story…I own a Dog Grooming Salon in Carle Place NY…A couple of years ago a person came into my Salon telling me of an accident that happened at Petco while her pet was being Groomed…I looked into the situation then had a solution to the \”many\” problems with the Grooming in Petco's..I contacted Petco's headquarters in CA…And I too recieved a telephone call! It was one of the Execulives in charge of Grooming…I was offered a \”Visit\” to the headquarters in CA. to discuss my \”idea\” that would Truly make a Difference in the Safety and comfort of the Grooming facilities in Petco…I was VERY Excited! However the executive that was working with my idea has left Petco…My \”launch\” for a New & Improved Grooming facility for 2010 has been on hold…However I can TOTALLY relate to your Happiness…God Bless and Good Luck to you in your New Venture!!!

  17. That is so great. As a fellow female custom cabinet and furniture builder. YEEHAW!!!! That is awsome for you!!! Keep up the great work. I know the challenges you have faced. Beginning myself in woodworking at the age of 20, I am now 43 and have herd, seen and done it all.

  18. I LOVE your AOL story. CONGRATS!!! Yeah for a family owned and operated business. Wishing you and your family prosperity above and beyond your wildest dreams!!

  19. i just read your story. i love those feel-good stories. your cutting board looks awesome! sorry to say i won't be ordering one (we're expecting our 4th and so it's not in the budget), but i'm totally gonna post your story on my facebook as well. i hope you guys just go crazy with getting more business. congratulations, and make sure you do a little something nice for yourself since you are so busy making the cutting boards. congrats again. i'm so happy for you!

  20. Congrats to you and your family owned business, way to survive in 2010 and beyond, you thought outside the box, hard work does pay off. Wish you continued success~ great story that will be passed down for generations to come.

  21. That's why I'm here…I just saw you on AOL front page. Good luck with your cutting boards and all good things to happen in your future. Hurray for you for thinking positive in this slumping economy and figuring out a way to be successful. You are one smart young lady!

  22. April, thank you for giving us an uplifting story! I enjoyed reading your blog. Your love for the Lord Jesus shines through and reminds us that \”with God, all things are possible.\” I am looking forward to buying your wine boards in Boston!

  23. Congratulations!!!! I found you on the Aol page and I've been reading your story all the way back from the first contact with W Sonoma… I completely admire you and wish you the best. I live in NY so I will be checking out your product in person. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Congrats April! Your hard work and dedication to the family business has paid off! Hopefully we can catch up soon. I'd love to hear details on how things are going for you and your family.Cheers!Neisha Promisco (Fowler)

  25. Hi April,Would love to see Taylor Cabinets somehow partner with you to help you meet your upcoming supply demands….or should we call it 'deluge of orders'?! Congratulations!

  26. Hi April,Congratulations! Read your story on AOL. Great to hear that a local business is succeeding. We have a painting business in Stockton that specializes in cabinet finishing and your story just brings a sense of optimism. How do we order one?Gob BlessMaria

  27. WOW! good for you I found you by reading AOL news. I am always a sucker for a happy ending ;)Peace

  28. Read your AOL article and then several of your posts. Very fun reading. Best of everything with your future butcher block sells!

  29. Yes, congratulations, saw your story on AOL today. I used to live in Lodi so was fun to read your story. Will look for your product in the WS stores here in Sacramento area.

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