i got in the paper!

Here is the article; Lodi Company Capitalizes on the Power of Blogging
So my wonderful cousin Jamie Baker emailed me last week and said she wanted to contact the Lodi News Sentinel to do a article on my wine bottle blocks.  I thought that was so nice of her so I said, “sure.”  And sure enough a writer calls me from the paper Tuesday morning and shows up with a photographer a couple of hours later.  He was so nice and genuinely excited about my story.  Too bad I didn’t dress better yesterday.  I was working in the finish shop and looking kinda “scrappy” but thank goodness I put on some make-up that day. 

Then to make it even more exciting or embarrassing (you take your pick), I wake up and go get the paper and its front and center!  Crazy!  Didn’t expect that either.  I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement I have had through all of this, it has truly been a remarkable time in my life for all these things to be happening.  And I owe all my success to Jesus himself my Father in heaven.  He is my perfect Savior who loves me through it all.  I hope you see that he too loves you!

until i get more time to write and not run around like a crazy girl!

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