working in the shop!

Ok, so I didn’t know how to channel all this nervous energy I had.  So I came in to work this morning asking to do some sanding in the shop for an hour.  We have a lot of heart blocks to cut and sand and I wanted to be useful and not sitting by myself at my desk nervously wringing my hands.  

I know, I have to sand while standing on a stool.  But I am just too short for the work bench in order to get some muscle into my sanding work.  

My dad secretly took this picture of me and sent it to my lovely husband who said; “did she take the short bus to work today?”  He is so not on my good side. Hopefully my next post will be about the order from Williams-Sonoma!  Any day!

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2 thoughts on “working in the shop!

  1. I think you look absolutely adorable and hey…only more power to those who have to do a little extra to get the job done!!! 🙂 monica

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