waiting is so hard……

So here goes, I was asked by a TV producer to get some video together of my work life and home life for a possible reality show.  I really didn’t think much of it 6 months ago when I was first approached about applying for something like that.  Dynamic show with a girl in a custom cabinet shop, possible contrast with workers and working with her father.  These things sounded interesting to them, and I just made the tapes and sent them off.  Now its the waiting game.  I have been waiting a couple of months now, and last week was informed that its going to be a tough sell.  I just emailed the nice producer and said, “I know you said its a tough sell, but you can do it, I have faith in you.”  No pressure huh?  She is probably really thanking me now for that request.  I really want to do this reality show now, but I have no guarantees no certainty, just hope.  I will have faith that Jesus knows what is in store for me and what is best, and this might not be it.  A very kind friend told me recently, “if you have felt disappointment before what are you afraid of?”  Seriously I am afraid of everything, but I will charge on and like the guy in Ratatouie said, “LETS DO THIS THING!”    

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