New Years 2010

Ringing in the new year was something I wanted to do with just Greg and I.  We managed to get our favorite babysitter and go out on the town!  This is us before we left at home, and we had a great time.  There’s nothing like being able to eat at a restaurant and actually enjoy your food.  I was stuffed. 

No boys to wrangle together, no yelling, “sit down, eat your food, stop hitting him!”  And so on, it was to say the least very relaxing.  And after we had finished dinner it was 7:30 and I wanted to go home and get in bed.

We didn’t, though we went to a winery where I bought tickets for listening to a band play and drink wine.  We enjoyed our time together, and when we got home at midnight, we fell asleep within 10 minutes.  There’s nothing like being a parent and always being wiped out!   

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